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Business Automation

Affordable ERP Solutions
Nexuses has a wide range of cost effective ERP modules for organisations of all sizes. Our Solutions are fully customizable to simplify, automate and streamline your business processes.
Our current range of business automation modules includes HCM/HR, BI, RM, FI, CRM, SCM, S&D, PLM, PP, OCM. 
All this at a fraction of the price of major ERP vendors.

Effortless Integration

Automation Integration

We merge systems effortlessly, optimizing your workflow and enhancing overall performance with integrated automation solutions.

Nexuses specialises is integration of real time systems and automation technologies including advanced industrial robotics, logistics systems, driverless POD transport systems, building management systems et

Aviation IT Solutions

Over the last 2 decades we have been
continuously providing solutions and services to our core industry vertical – the civil aviation industry.
Our world class solutions enable infrastructure operators like airports, transport hubs, retail malls, convention centres and theme parks to act decisively to increase efficiency and profitability, both in the moment and in the future, whilst improving their customers’ experience.


Empowering Industry through Innovative Automation

Our vision is to be a leading provider of specialist solutions, infrastructure design and systems integration
services. To evaluate customer benefits of the emerging technologies in this space and to ensure that
our customers benefit from the latest technologies available

We place customers at the heart of everything we do. Customer satisfaction is a key driver for our business; We believe that delivering what our customers want is the best way to grow our company.

Together we make the difference!


Boost Your Efficiency with Automation

Streamline Operations

Enhance productivity by automating repetitive processes, freeing up time for us to focus on essential tasks.

Increase Accuracy

Eliminate human error through precise automation technology, ensuring tasks are completed flawlessly every time.

Improve Scalability

Grow your business seamlessly with scalable automation solutions that adapt to your evolving needs and requirements.


Innovative Strategies for Automation

At our automation company, we implement cutting-edge solutions to streamline processes and improve efficiency. Our innovative strategies set us apart and provide our clients with top-notch automation services.

We constantly strive to think outside the box and develop unique approaches that deliver exceptional results. Partnering with us means embracing forward-thinking automation techniques that drive success in your business operations.

Mihir Kotwal

Founder & Managing Director

At Nexuses Limited, our expert director leads our team with a vision for innovation and efficiency in the automation industry.

With over 30 years of experience and a passion for cutting-edge technology, our director ensures that our solutions exceed the expectations of our business clients.

Trust Nexuses Limited for top-notch automation services tailored to your company's needs.


Our Recognized Awards & Accreditations

We've achieved prestigious industry awards and top-tier accreditations through rigorous evaluations and innovation.

Certified Automation Specialist

January 2022

Obtained to enhance our expertise and service quality.

Best Innovation in Automation

March 2020

Acknowledging our cutting-edge technological advancements.

Excellence in Customer Satisfaction

August 2021

Recognizing our commitment to superior client service.


Major Projects and Clients

Airport and ERP Systems 

Oracle Applications, Building Management System, Capacity planning, Duty-free BI system, Noise monitoring system, Custom Software Development

Access Control and Pass Issue

Access control and pass issue systems, data centre exit program

Baggage and Warehousing Systems

Baggage systems at Heathrow T5, T3, T2, and Tunnel, Manchester T2, Schiphol, Istanbul, Jeddah, Vancouver, and Oslo airports


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